by SwiftBoi

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releases October 31, 2017



all rights reserved


SwiftBoi Melbourne, Australia

Hi! My names SwiftBoi. My Mama named me SwiftBoi. I was born to spit swift n befriend demons I am also a part time shadow walker but I don't get much time for vigilante missions nowadays

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Track Name: ONE OUT (Freestyle)
itll be a late one when i come out
got the hoodie up when i come down
night time is the right town
got you fiendin with no lights out
you trip me out
you trip me out
you trip me out kid
sit me down gimme dat beat
you know what im about shiiit
ive been fiending for a new beat to hit im lurkin it the first to spit
i dont need to hurt hex hurt a bitch
ill leave ya head turning like the exorcist
sexist is like extacy when u get next to this
next level the next diss
next breath next kiss let it go what the fuck is this

slow jam hold hands but heads like a slow romance
youre fire i like that i bite n u bite back its likely i might snap
youre fire i like that i bite n you bite back its likely i might snap
so just hold hands butt heads slow dance to a slow jam

im nocturnal when im knocking on ye duh
when i burn ya learn ya think i got the right to earn to school
im in the dojo everywhere im always in the zone
im on it in it in the zone
not on it im in it im in the zone
out alone im one out one out hoodie up when i come down
you trip me out kid
you know some shit you got no bizniz knowing about shiiiiit
gimme that beat n sit me down
make me settle cos u know what im about
cos u know what im about

Track Name: TURNING (Freestyle)
your eyes are bright
and your smile is suspicious
wanna get next te ya
that boi is vicious!
i dunno you but
but i know your type
its the same as mine
we turning
we out tonight
we out tonight
livin like we gnna die
livin like we gonna uuh
might just learn to fly, might just forget my line
might just freestyle
might just wait my turn
and watch the seasons turnin time
burning it all up
you got all my intention got all my
ssh ssh i love you see
i want you to get next to me
suspicious but i be screaming
wanna quench your thirst right
hit it right the first time
leave it in your mind
ill leave it humming humming
all up through your system
like your comfort get it
ill leave you studied i
im just runnin a muck
lil sucubus
i dont give a fuck! i dont give a fuck!
two fingers up
im a lil dirty brat
im a lil fuckin mutt
im a lil fuckin feral but i go able
bare, barely, barely,
scary me
its a scary story
all in wit ya claws in you can see, you can tell that im falling
fall in, like a dream, your faye
fall in, like a dream, your fate
fool it you put your hands in my face
pull in and you push me away!
time is money and money is time!
so don't you fuckin go n waste mine!
might just break the line
might just might just
break out break out
of my cage tonight
i give my friends the keys but
its still my ride
right choice, right noise i
make my big boi voice make my big boi noise
get it all in, its nota chore its a choice!
god willing,
hips, lips swinging
mind controlled sex kitten
made to love pain and now im killing shit
ripping tits off schitz in the mix
nympho with no limits
poppin pills but still not copping feelings
you cant stop my will
im a hard pill
force task get your force field down with force of ill i got the raw deal
sharp when i swish past be feeling it still
sing for my dinner then ill kill ye make a meal
made to love pain
i love it i live it im killing it
ill flip the scripture make you the bitch
do ye want a pip love? na
death or glory but im getting glory first
I got a scary story for ya one you aint heard
I spit the truth they say the truth hurts so ima make it hurt for ya

bitch please I got out of siches such as these
from watching suss cunts running dumb fucks for free
lost boi on a mission digging again
on the loose solo looney tune
no friends
im hungry all you suckas is lunch meat
cos no one can keep up with me

every suss mother fucker that youve ever met's in love with me
im always up to something im all or nothing
im calling your bluff you big tough cunt
im the runt of the litter but im vicious ill fuck you up quicker
little cunt kicker
dont fuck withchye
shifty shady shady
lil llady
i switch it up like switch blades n ill seeya later
hasta luego playa pay me
its hard to play me even if im off my fucking face yeh i stilll need to be sedated
theres no such thing as a safe place
i can smell the truth n ima get iut
extra sensory perceptive detective
lets get wasted
nada scared me
ill get the story out
i wont shut my mouth n its getting gory now
im a petite creep
pretty creepy like making porno in a haunted house

Track Name: Some Kind Of Monster
looking at me like im some kind of monster
when youre the one with the bad genes on! get it?
if only you knew how many snakes that id stomped on for yas just so you cunts can live a lil longer
youre getting weaker n older
im getting meaner n stronger
im a demon n i be feastin when i conquer
im a new breed i gotta pick on my own breed for some reason
fate compels me to restore equilibrium to seasons
i ceased breeding so other ones could be here freely
ill disinfect ya scene just like tea tree
you ever fucked wit real silver?
living when its liven driven itll kill ye
i dont need to administer pills
i administrate straight will
you can5t fight death
he needs his passenger still
come with me chile to the other side dont fight the chill
its not the bass line got you feelin this ill
its a buzz and a buzzkill
at the same time its strange
Track Name: PTS
Song about being so low you have to claw your way out. I dont wanna be there again. First take no edits.
Track Name: Time and Space
Im twisting in my bed like the needles in my head
you never needed me as a lover
or treated me like a friend
im weeping for a fake death of a dream i thought i met
repeating that real shit that you said
in the beginning and
i cant believe the lies that you believed in the end
viscous whispers associates so called friends
they dont care about ya theyre just fucking with ya head!

in text you say
dont let the devil get you well same for you fool
first time I saw you yeh i prayed for you too
you me JC in the same room
UFO came to take me away but i ended up crashing at your place
i slipped i slipped i slipped
i fell away

hesitance im resenting it where there was once a pleasant resonance
echos left over form hectic shit
im trying to be pleasant bitch
shit i sit
but you got me lit
you knew my mind before i ever even let u inside and its setting in
were both set to win
but when the sun sets we both got separate things
in this city we both got like no next of kin
gotta be viscous yeh im in this to win this you n me we keepin it vivid we sing

I slipped I slipped i slipped i slipped i slipped
fell into the depths you smiled n said watch ya step
so i slide instead
i slip fell into the depths you said watch ya self and i said watch ya step so slide instead

hesitance im resenting it echos left over from that hectic shit
im tryna be pleasant bitch
i sit
but you got me lit
sometimes i flip my lid
you get it
you show me real boundaries you say bitch get it?
n now i think i get it
that d to be respected
respect your rights thank you youre right this time i tripped
but i didnt have the right